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Installing An Npm Package From Github Directly

Andre Gagnon

Did you know you can use NPM to manage packages that are not published to the npm directory? I didn't until today! Here is how it's done.

npm i <git-host>:<git-user>/<repo-name>#<branch-name>

For example, you can install the master branch of Laravel Mix:

npm i github:JeffreyWay/laravel-mix#master --save-dev


Some Use Cases

  1. You want to install a package version that has not been updated on npm.
  2. You are developing your own npm package and want to test it before publishing.
  3. You want to manage private dependencies that you'll never publish to the directory.
  4. Easily testing new or unreleased beta versions.


  1. You need to be running npm 1.1.65 or higher
  2. You need to have git installed on your machine.
  3. This works for github only.
  4. The github repository must have a valid package.json file.